Celebrities with ADHD

Celebs with ADHD
They haven't let ADHD prevent them from making a name for themselves, and neither should you! More...

> Celebs who've made it big with ADHD.

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Do I let him stay home?
"Sometimes my son has a bad day with ADHD symptoms and it's evident before he even gets to school. Should I let him stay home on those days?"
Medication side effect?
"My ADHD medication is helping me immensely, but it seems to be causing some pretty significant hair loss. What can I do?"

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ADHD Feels Like...

It's like watching a PowerPoint presentation that never stops.

Angela, Indiana

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Angry, Sad, Resentful, Confused and on the Edge.
I need help, to deal with my partner’s ADHD, before it leads me to the edge of insanity. I moved away…


Parental denial
So my 6 year old Son was diagnosed with ADHD a few weeks ago. I agree he may have ADHD however…


Looking for Subjects for Upcoming ADDitude Story
Hi — reposting this in the adults group to expand my search a bit. Anyway, my name is Devon Frye, and…


Lost and Powerless Mom to 20 yr old son with ADHD
I’m fairly new to this forum and I’m just looking for support and advice.  My son was diagnosed at the age…


How to help the ADHD partner understand their ADHD?
My husband was diagnosed with ADHD in the past year. Even with the knowledge of his diagnosis he has zero interest…


Today I received a call from my adhd son’s PhyzEd. teacher.  It seems she overheard him dropping the F bomb when…


New to the group and looking for some advice...
Hi. I have just joined the group. My name is Emma and my partner and eldest son have ADD/ADHD.  Really struggling…


Denial of Treatment
After 26 years of treating my Adult ADHD the medical foundation that had provided my meds for all those years has…

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