Women with ADHD

The Gender Gap
Understand why girls and women are more likely to go undiagnosed than their male counterparts. More...

> ADHD in girls and women.

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School focuses only on the negative.
"Just once, I'd like to talk with my child's teacher and hear what my son does well, instead of being constantly bombarded with the negative!"
Is it ADHD or not?
"Everything I've read and self-quizzes I've taken all point to ADHD. Yet, three doctors have said it's not ADHD. What can I do now?"

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ADHD Feels Like...

Like I need an "off" button for my brain.

Bee, Florida

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What kind of help I can ask for?
I was diagnosed with ADD last year and now I am back to my university with accessibility help. I get distraction…


Risperdal any comments or suggestions
Doctor is recommending my 7yo son take .5 of risperdal does anyone have any experience with this drug ...My son is…


I’m a full time college student going to school to own my own business. When I was in my first year…


Legal Help Madison..Any recommendations for legal coucil
Does anyone have any legal council that they have used and liked.  Not needed ADHD issues but mine!!  I have some…


A new begining
Hello all. Today I am taking a step into becoming more knowledgeable. I was just informed that both my children have…


I want my son back ! Anyone help me please .
On 1/25/2016 Jordyn began taking Adderall 10 MG ONCE A DAY in the morning . On Feb 3rd about 9 days…


New and Frustrated
Hi, I have a 13 year old daughter who is currently failing three classes. I am afraid she might not pass…


Dallas support groups?
Are there any meet-up support groups out there for parents of ADHD children? Activity events for the families or parents?

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