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The Last Word
"My young ADHD child always has to have the last word. He will go on and on about things. What can I do to make this stop? It drives me crazy."
ADHD and Creativity
"I am an artist and creativity is really important to me. My ADHD keeps me from finishing any artistic endeavors though. Help!"

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ADHD Feels Like...

It's like watching a PowerPoint presentation that never stops.

Angela, Indiana

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Eight yr old on Straterra
Hi, my son was originally on Focalin XR during the day and Intuniv at night. It was working well until the…


Wellbutrin for ADHD- child
Has anyone given their child Wellbutrin to help with ADHD?  My son is 7, almost 8, and we cannot find a…


Focalin and tics
Hello, Has anyone noticed that Focalin causes an increase in facial tics in kids? My son switched to it about 2…


New member - Would love to connect with others.
Hi everyone, my name is Emily. I’m 22, and currently in college. At this point in my life, I am really…


Hi I have adult adhd and was diagnosed at the age of 40.  I am an academic in literature and have…


college student (19) - needs advise on finding ADD coach
How did you select the coach and did you meet in person or by phone or skype? Did you achieve greater…


ADHD and Art/Creativity?
Are there any other artists here? I recently got serious about my art. Supposedly ADHD will make you a creative god…


Starting with Success
I am a mom of 2 (3 and 1 years old) who is going back to full time work in my…

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